Instant Payday Network Day #17

Boy, do I have a headache…..anyway, this will be short.   Sometimes, I feel like I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).   I went ad joined a different program…..Instant Downline Network.   Boy oh boy……I’m not going to elaborate on that experience as this blog is only for IPDN.   I didn’t do much advertising over the weekend.  I’m still trying to work on my new marketing strategy.   Somehow, I gained an opt-in yesterday despite not having done any marketing.  The coolest thing is that only three people visited my site yesterday.  Not much to you, but huge for me.  I really don’t need to do much, just drive traffic.  I did bend my rule, though, with the  no money budget for IPDN….I was going to wait until I got my first my cash freebies referral completion and use it towards completing my Double my cash freebies credit.    I paid for $1.99 trial offer on Double MyCash Freebies.   😦  My whole thing was if I can’t get a referral completion on my express cash freebies, how will I ever be able to do a Double my Cash Freebies referral completion.  I got a .50 point credit on Double.. I’m trying to figure out what other trial I should use to get the extra .50 credit.



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